Translation               DipTrans EN > FR, Chartered Institute of Linguists (2020)
Linguistics                BA Language Sciences, Université de Provence (2004/07)
Communication       DEUG Culture, Media & Communication, Université Paul Valery (2002/04)


Opera                         Subtitling for an international Opera Festival (126min)
Animation                 Time-codes for dubbing of an animation for children (28+2 min)
of Prime Video series episode (42min)
Graphic design        Press releases and blog articles for a graphic design platform
Opera                         Translation of the programme & bio for an Opera House
Architecture             Articles for an online magazine specialised in architecture
Photography            Artists contracts for a photography studio

Dance                        Brochure about dance therapy for a dance company
Interior Design        Project coordination for a studio specialised in interior design
Cinema                      Subtitling for La Taupe, a short independent movie
    Interpretation, translation for a full-length feature about comics

Architecture             Bids and project description for an architecture studio
3D printing              FAQs, website, and white papers for a 3D printing company
Fine art                     Artist statement for a painter’s international website
3D sound                 
Website and marketing material
for a 3D sound studio
Crafts                         Product descriptions for a knitting website



Architecture            Building Tour: Frampton Park Estate / Architecture Foundation (2021)
Architecture            Transformed Territories / Society of Architecrual Historians (2021)
Translation              Translators in the Wonderful World of Filming / CIOL (2021)
The Sweet Sound of Musical Writing / CIOL (2021)
Linguistics               Language Evolution, Acquisition, and Diversity / SOAS (2021)
              Proofreading and Copywriting for Translator / CIOL (2021)
Translation              Translating Art / TRADUQTIV (2021)
Arts                           Conservation & Restoration / Building Crafts College (2021)
Linguistics               Bilingualism and Code-switching / CIOL (2021)
Translation              Translating Humour / ISIT (2021)
Translation              Translating Children’s Literature / CIOL (2021)
Translation              Translating Humanities / ISIT (2021)
Linguistics               How English conversation works / CIOL (2020)
Psychology               Social Psychology / Wesleyan University MOOC (2020/21)
Translation              Writing and translating: a happy symbiosis / ITI (2020)
Translation              How to carry out literary translation project / CIOL (2020)
Drawing                   Observational drawing / Royal Drawing School (2018/19)
                  Figure painting / The Art Academy (2018/19)
Fine Art                   History of Art / École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille (2015)
Public relations     
Introduction to Public relations / Birkbeck College (2011/12)
Translation             Translation techniques / Metropolitan University (2012/13)
Opera                       Opera Pub Production / The Cock Tavern (2010)
Architecture            Archiving / Heritage-Building Architects (2004)
Ceramics                  Ceramics techniques / Atelier de Mons (2000)
Lutherie                   Violin and cello making / Maître René Garmy (1999)



Design                      The Design Museum / Visitor Experience, London (2020/21)
Lecturer                   Aix-Marseille University / Lecturer of English BA/MA (2016/18)
Architecture            Gallo Architects / Technical Assistant, Marseille (2016/18)
Graphic Design       99desings / Marketing, Berlin (2014/15)
Furniture Design    Based Upon / Studio Manager, London (2010/13)
Logistics                   Hyundai Logistics / Intl Coordinator, London (2008/10)
Shipping                   MSC (USA) Inc. / Export Docs, New York, NY – Charleston, SC (2007/08)