Le WordShop is the name I gave to my work as a freelance translator. I work exclusively from English into French and I am specialised in technical and editorial translation in art, design and architecture.

Having lived in the US and in the UK for over 8 years, I am often asked to translate into English. Although I would often be very happy to do so, I decided early on to stick to best practices and work only into French, my mother tongue. In fact, it is what respectable translators do and I mean to follow their lead. It is well known that, regardless of how many years one spends in a foreign country and the language level acquired, we can only be fully versatile in the language we grew up with.


It is also very important that the translator you choose to carry your message across nations is well knowledgeable about and has experience in the industry you work in. You will find the best translators have often lived a few lives before turning to translation, usually involving skills that have little if nothing to do with languages. This is how translators acquire expertise in their field.

Likewise, it is only after having spent nearly a decade working with designers and artists alike that I felt compelled to go back to what I was trained to do: work with words.


Mélodie Duverger